HomeBlogWhy Home Builders Should Always Partner with an Architect [infographic]

When you want to build a new home, you may wonder if you should work with a home builder or an architect. To get the home you truly want, the answer is that you want a builder who will partner with an architect when creating the design plans for several reasons.

  • Critical coordination of design with construction cost—Through the close collaboration between architect and builder, the homeowner can expect that the design is not only functionally and esthetically desirable (the architect’s domain) but that the house can be built within intended budget parameters (the builder’s domain).
  • Budget for proper building practices—An architect can confirm that your new home is built with high-quality materials and the construction crew abides by proper building practices to ensure your home lasts for decades.
  • Ensure the design’s outcome—Working with a builder and an architect can ensure that during the building process, all the aesthetic features of your home are executed according to the design plans.
  • Comply with local building codes—Your architect should be familiar with local building codes and regulations to ensure the safety and quality of your new home once construction concludes.
  • Address the technical details—Building a home is a technical process. If your builder uses an architect, both parties will understand what goes into building a home and can set the project up for a high-quality outcome.