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  • Examples: A new home that is inviting and open to nature. An addition (or renovation) that will make the house more suitable for your desired lifestyle. Please note any unique qualities that you desire.
  • Please include the address and note any special aspirations, issues, or concerns.
  • Please provide your best guess of the desired square footage.
  • Although this figure may be unknown, a preliminary estimate can be achieved by multiplying the approximate size by the approximate cost per square foot (SF). We often see cost per square foot from $250 to $450 for ‘heated living space’ (for example, a 2000 SF house at $300 per SF is a $600,000 project). Garages, swimming pools, and elaborate landscaping are typically additional costs. Contractors are typically willing to help establish expectations regarding square footage costs relative to the constructional qualities desired.
  • Our fees vary significantly due to the great differences in complexity and technical challenges of our projects. For a quick estimate of our design fees, multiply the approximate budget by 4 to 7 percent.
  • Please note any critical timetables.

Paul B. Clark, Architect
PO Box 278
Harrisville, NH 03450
Telephone: (603) 831-1307

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Paul B. Clark believes that designing your home ought to be a rewarding process. For this reason, Paul creates design plans for homes in the Keene, New Hampshire area that capture the preferences and needs of his clients. When you work with Paul, he will do the same for you to ensure you are pleased with the aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality of your home. Please complete the contact form here to find out more about why having an architect’s expertise is invaluable and how Paul can help with your upcoming project.