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Modern Architecture, Hampton Falls, NH

Our architectural firm routinely creates designs featuring modern principles.

Modern Architecture in Hampton Falls, New HampshireMore and more buildings built throughout the Hampton Falls, New Hampshire area feature the principles of modern architecture. This form of architecture generally features clean, simple lines and prioritizes function over ornamentation. Common features of modern architecture include large windows, open floorplans, the prominence of vertical and horizontal lines in rectangular forms, and sustainable layouts and materials.

If you are drawn to modern architecture, you likely want to incorporate the principles of this design style into your next build. The ultimate purpose of buildings that feature this architectural style is that the starting point for the design comes from the purpose the space will serve, rather than beauty. Otherwise known as functionalism, modern architecture focuses on the purpose the building will serve, rather than its decorative prominence.

Paul B. Clark, Architect is a talented, experienced architect serving the Hampton Falls area and known for his focus on modern architecture. He can help you achieve the modern look you want for your new build through focused attention to detail and a commitment to your needs. Paul B. Clark values the relationships he builds with clients above all else and is always eager to start a new project that focuses on modern architecture ideas and principles.

If you are interested in working with an architect for your build, reach out to Paul B. Clark’s office today. Once you set up a consultation, he will get to know you and your goals for your project and then turn your vision into usable, functional architectural drawings.

Paul B. Clark, Architect, provides modern architecture services for clients from Dublin, Harrisville, Keene, Jaffrey, Milford, Concord, Peterborough, Hampton Falls, and throughout Cheshire County, New Hampshire, as well as Boston, Massachusetts.