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How to Hire a Residential Architect

Download our free guide on hiring the best residential architect for your project.

developed this guide after realizing how many homeowners struggle to understand the value of an architect in the creation of a new house or in the modification of an existing one.

If you are unclear about an architect’s role, I encourage you to read further as I strive to offer a sensible explanation and, moreover, provide some guidance to help you find the architect best suited to your project.

In this free downloadable PDF guide, you will learn about:

  Finding an architect
 Having a successful initial meeting
  Understanding architectural fees
  and much more!

In actuality, you may not need an architect as only a small percentage of houses are actually custom-designed by a professional specifically educated and licensed to work on the planning and design of buildings. Homeowners – with or without the help of a contractor – are usually permitted to build their own homes provided that they follow local zoning and building codes. Alternatively, homeowners can decide to include various professionals with varying degrees of expertise to help them with their residential needs and desires.

This PDF guide will help you determine if your project warrants the leadership of an architect and, if so, help you find the best residential architect for your project.

The selection guidelines in this PDF will also help you better assess the personality, design strategy, and communication skills of your candidates, thus empowering you to find the architect who represents the best fit for you and your project. When there’s a good fit, few things are more rewarding than creating a new home or watching your old one change before your eyes.

In addition, my observations are supplemented by recent research into this topic with references cited at the conclusion of this guide.

I hope and trust that you will find it useful.