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How to Hire a Contractor

Download our free guide on hiring the best general contractor.

Are you struggling with understanding when and how to hire a general contractor? For those who haven’t had this experience or, worse, have had an unfavorable experience with a contractor in the past, this guide will help to simplify the procedure and lead to a successful conclusion.In this free downloadable PDF guide, you will learn:

  How to find contractors
 What questions to ask your candidates
  How to cement the relationship
  and much more!

Hiring the best general contractor for your residential project is essential. Not only is your home an integral aspect of your life, it also represents a large personal investment if you are hoping to build a new house, renovate an old one or even add a room. Selection of the contractor greatly influences your short-term and long-term appreciation of your home.

This PDF guide will illustrate how to find, interview, and hire a reputable professional contractor in your area. These considerations are based upon my 35 years of experience as a builder, architect, and designer/builder.

In addition, my observations are supplemented by recent research into this topic with references cited at the conclusion of this guide.

I hope and trust that you will find it useful.